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Picking a Diet: Why, What, and How Jacqueline Chose Her Plan to Lose Over 300 Pounds

May 24, 2020

This episode goes deeper into Jacqueline's Journey.  We talk about how to pick a plan/diet to help YOU have success and why we think picking the right plan for you is key to that success.  Everyone is different and everyone will have success by doing different things.  What works for you may not work for everyone else.  Jacqueline also goes deeper into explaining what plan she used to help her lose more than 300 pounds.  Jacqueline explains how and why that plan worked for her.  Without the proper planning you will more than likely find yourself spinning your wheels and not really going anywhere.  


Your Hosts

Jacqueline Adan

Jacqueline has an incredible journey to share.  She found herself weighing over 500 pounds followed by losing more than 300 pounds.  She has also gone through several skin removal surgeries.  Jacqueline started sharing her Journey in 2016 and has yet to look back.  She is has had her story shared with many national and international media outlets.  She is looking forward to the podcast being a place where she can spread her words of encouragement as well as share some of the details that have gotten her to where she is today.

For more information about Jacqueline check out the links below.


Instagram: @jacquelineadan44

YouTube: Jacqueline's Journey


Kevin Cox

Technology and Sports have always been some of Kevin's biggest interests.  His passion for technology led to him helping Jacqueline with producing the content for her blog, social media, and YouTube.  After being a long time podcast listener he decided it was time for the two of them to co-host a podcast to dive deeper into the topics and content that she was already sharing.  Kevin had a front-row seat to Jacqueline's Journey which gives him a unique perspective and insight that he is looking forward to sharing on the podcast.